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Illinois Bodyguard Training

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Dignitary Protection Training
Bodyguard Training

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Illinois Bodyguard Training

  • Head Trainer is Former Secret Service Agent
  • Bodyguard Training Topics & Course Details
  • For Celebrity & Dignitary Close Protection
  • 3 Day School & Training Material Provided
  • Dignitary Protection Training for Law Enforcement
  • Training for Returning Overseas Security Contractors
  • Business Start-UP Training & Mentoring Available

Training Locations & Schedule

What do you visualize when thinking of a Illinois bodyguard? Often the historical image of a "bodyguard" is a large, tall, muscular individual, capable of lifting you in one hand and tossing you across the room, seemingly without effort. This isn't always the best way to protect Illinois individuals or their family.

If you have any questions about our Illinois Bodyguard Training, contact us now!

Here are a few things our Illinois bodyguard training covers:

  • Executive Protection Concepts
  • Residence, Travel and Office Security
  • Perimeter Security - Concepts and Procedures

Some of the practice exercises are:

  • Formations
  • Site Advance
  • Firearm/Weapon Response and Takeaway Procedures
  • 4 live working Protective Detail exercises
  • Motorcade Operations and Security (practical exercise - location permitting)

Our Illinois Bodyguard Training courses are normally taught in Central Florida, Southern California and the New York City area. For more info on Illinois Bodyguard Training, and registration and payment instructions, please go to our bodyguard training schedule page for all the course content, course availability, registration, prices and payment information you will need.

Some of the concepts taught during our Illinois Bodyguard Training (3 Day) Course

  • Bodyguard Principles Emergency / Contingency-Planning and Response Procedures
  • Assassination Attempts-Types of Assassins
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (definition and the differences between them)
  • Formations (practical exercise)
  • Advance Concepts-Domestic and Foreign Procedures and Guidelines
  • Duties of the Advance Agent
  • Firearm / Weapon Response and Takeaway Procedures (practical exercise)
  • Live working Protective Detail exercises
  • Protective Detail-Construction
  • Inner, Middle and Outer Perimeter Security - Concepts and Procedures
  • Site Advance (practical exercise)
  • Residence, Travel and Office Security
  • Motorcade Operations and Security (practical exercise-location permitting)
  • Armored Vehicle - History and Operations
  • Vehicular Bomb Detection and Sweeps
  • State Licensing Requirements for Bodyguard Services
  • How to get Bodyguard Jobs
  • How to Successfully Market Bodyguard Services

We can take care of your Illinois Bodyguard Training needs, contact us now!

If you are traveling from out of the Illinois area to one of our training locations and need assistance, we will help you in securing hotel reservations. For additional information, call (888) 831-0809 or use the contact form above.

Course Registration You will be taken to our main site to register for the executive protection training courses

Checks can be made payable to: J.A. LaSorsa & Associates and sent to: J.A. LaSorsa & Associates 1645 SE 3rd Court, Suite 102 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441-4465. Payments must be received within 7 days of registration via check or credit card or your registration will no longer be valid.