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Yacht Staff Weapons Training

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Dignitary Protection Training
Bodyguard Training

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Yacht Staff Weapons Training

  • Head Trainer is Former Secret Service Agent
  • Bodyguard Training Topics & Course Details
  • For Celebrity & Dignitary Close Protection
  • 3 Day School & Training Material Provided
  • Dignitary Protection Training for Law Enforcement
  • Training for Returning Overseas Security Contractors
  • Business Start-UP Training & Mentoring Available

Training Locations & Schedule

Check with us for the location and time of the closest Yacht Security training near you.

J. A. LaSorsa and Associates has complete Yacht Security Training for Armed Yacht Captains, Yacht Staff and Personalized Yacht Security and Other Maritime Staff Training.

If you have any questions about our Yacht Staff Weapons Training, contact us now!

Competent and experienced Yacht Staff Weapons Training allows your time on your yacht to be a time to unwind and not have to be concerned about your safety and the safety of the others on your yacht. The reason for maritime security training is that yachts are highly visible and vulnerable compared to other dwellings and locations.

Marinas are normally open to the public and without adequate Yacht staff weapons training; anyone can walk up to your gang plank or moor up beside you. Other vessels including charter guests sometimes have parties and they often invite less then desirable Individuals. This brings up the possibility of party crashers and disorderly behavior. Let us help you with our Yacht security training so you don't have to deal with these uncomfortable situations.

Yacht staff weapons training is when you are in those situations when executives, celebrities, or VIP's are on board. Considering those situations and kind of guests, an un-prepared yacht can face other threats like; paparazzi, kidnapping attempts, espionage and bugging. Whether your yacht is moored at port or on the open sea, security, piracy and theft are still very real risks. The threats of terrorism and kidnapping have never been greater now.

We can take care of your Yacht Staff Weapons Training needs, contact us now!

Our Yacht Staff Weapons Training and courses are normally taught in Central Florida, however, we can also arrange for our classes to be brought to your location, nationally or globally.

For more info on Yacht Staff Weapons Training, contact: Joe LaSorsa at: 888 831-0809 or via e-mail at: so we can discuss your specific yacht or crew weapons and security training needs and/or security systems needs or concerns.

If you are traveling from out of the area to one of our training locations and need assistance, we will help you in securing hotel reservations. For additional information, call 888 831-0809 or use the contact form above.

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